Vertical Roller Mill

LUM Series Ultrafine Vertical Roller MillZenith's LUM Series Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill is a world leading industrial mill

LUM series ultrafine vertical grinder is my company combined with grinding machine production experience for many years, on the basis of common vertical mill, roller technology using the latest Taiwan and Germany choose powder technology, independent design and development of new type of superfine grinding equipment.Superfine grinding, classification, transmission in the integration of ultrafine vertical mill, has become the first choice of superfine powder industry.

Detailed introduction

  • 1. High grinding efficiency.
  • 2. Low noises and little dust.
  • 3. Low wear rate and little metallic pollution.
  • 4. Long lifecycle of spare parts.
  • 5. Advanced intelligent speed control device..
  • 6. Compact & robust structure.
Model LUM1125 LUM1232 LUM1436
Wheel diameter(mm) 1100 1200 1400
Capacity (t/h) 5~12 7~16 8~18
Fineness 400~650Mesh ~D97 ~D97 ~D97
Material Size(mm) <10 < 10 <10
Moisture <3% <3% <3%
Main Motor Power(KW) 250 315 355
Roller(set) 3 3 3
Classifier Motor Power 15 KWx5 15 KWx7 15 KWx7

Main motor through rotational speed reducer drive a millstone, as well as the wind from the air inlet into the LUM ultrafine vertical mill, material through the screw feeder fell in the middle of the mill feed opening, under the action of centrifugal force, central to the edge of the uniform moving materials from a millstone, while area through the mill wheel grinding roller, roller rolling, large materials directly crushed, fine grained material by extrusion forming on the intergranular crush on bed.Shattered as it continues to move mill edge material, until being taken away by the wind ring in strong turbulence, and larger particles material again fell to the mill to continue to crush, flow of materials through the upper part of the separator in under the action of rotor blade, coarse particle back grinding mill, qualified fine powder with airflow grinding, be set powder collection system, by ultrafine powder is collected made slow out of the goods.Mix materials of iron and other debris along with the material movement to mill edge, because its weight rather than by the wind, fell to mill inferior vena is installed in the mill at the bottom of the scraping plate into the slag discharge mouth closed.

Application of vertical roller mill

LUM series of vertical roller mill used materials are coal, limestone, kaolinite, pyrophyllite, barite, phosphorite, bentonite clay, bauxite, quartz, calcite, marble, dolomite, iron ore, coal gangue and so on.LUM series vertical mill's main application fields in the cement industry, power industry, metallurgical industry, chemical industry and nonmetal industries, etc.LUM series vertical mill equipment is mainly used to grind the granular or powder material into the fineness according to user's requirements, and then the powder is applied to the production of various kinds of fields.

LUM series vertical roller mill in the application of the power industry is mainly lies in the thermal power industry, with the progress of power generation technology, now not only domestic thermal power, and solar power, hydropower, wind power, nuclear power, and some chemical power supply, etc., but according to the current domestic situation, flammable is leading thermal power.Thermal power needs is an important principle of coal, coal to burn adequately, lower toxic pollutant emissions will need to be made from coal, and pulverized coal production will need to use LUM series vertical grinding machine.In light of the present condition of the domestic electric power development, the company produced specifically for pulverized coal production LUM series vertical mill, coal mill is a kind of vertical mill equipment, LUM series it and LUM series vertical mill regardless of appearance or the working principle and so on various aspects are nearly the same, but because of the grinding material is inflammable and explosive coal, so the coal mill made a lot of improvement in terms of explosion-proof.

How to prolong the service life of vertical roller mill?

The same vertical grinding machine if later maintenance work well done can greatly improve the service life of equipment, its largest application effect and economic value, in the actual production process to have professional technical personnel to operate and do real-time record of equipment running status.Operators to LUM device structure and performance characteristics of vertical grinding machine has a detailed understanding, at the same time can make grinding machine safe operation system, the standardization of the it as a system to perform the operation.Zenith prospectus of the vertical mill products give users recommend a regular maintenance plan, according to the characteristics of the main parts of production change timely processing, such as roller wear and nut is loose, etc.Roller replacement cycle is generally more than 400 hours after the equipment is running, should pay attention to of the rolling bearing in the roller set of cleaning, ensure the stability of the internal structure.

How to choose the vertical roller mill model number?

Vertical roller mill with single efficient operation ability in the domestic industry has very high application space, enterprise when grinding machine number of choose and buy more, comparing the technical parameters of equipment procurement economic indicators and technical indicators are the most prominent vertical grinding machine.First we recommend to choose prolific vertical grinding machine manufacturers, the customer's after-sales service is guaranteed, but also to the late production line guidance.At the same time, in order to ensure the finished product fineness can be regulatory, cb vertical mill system to add a speed reducer, realize the automation of grinding process.

Second, vertical mill production line to adjust measures to local conditions, according to the transportation conditions, material characteristics such as realistic factor to determine the shape of vertical mill size, according to the investment cost to determine the motor power of mill, control energy consumption per unit of time.Again, vertical grinding machine accessories selection is also a priority, hydraulic components, cylinder cables, main reducer, roller bearing to choose according to the specific require